Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho Services

Carpet cleaning is often over looked, but did you know that a carpet is one of the dirtiest surfaces in a building? The reason for this is due to the design of the carpet fibers, they act as a net for bacteria and a weekly or even daily vacuuming isnt enough to get rid of these harmful bacteria! Experts say everyone should schedule a professional carpet cleaning Meridian Idaho services every 6-8 months. By doing so the chances of getting sick dramatically decrease! We especially recommend this for house holds or buildings that deal with small children such as day cares, family homes, and schools. By scheduling a regular carpet cleaning in Meridian Idaho you will be taking the first step to dramatically reducing sick days in your business enviroment! Our team will come in with our Van mounted steam cleaners making stains and even more importantly bacteria seem like they were never there! 


All these attributes make Idaho Maintenance a trusted carpet cleaning meridian id service providers. For years we have cleaned more than 10,000 households and billions of carpet cleaning meridian Id projects every year, yes of course for the good reason.